Thursday, March 6, 2008

MInd your own business

As Christians, we really need to keep elections in perspective. We need to be the voice of reason, the city on the hill, the calm in the storm that people look to because we are unshaken by political events.

As much scrutiny as goes into what this politician will do and that politician will do, many time it is all smoke and mirrors and for your entertainment value.

Air Force Deal with Airbus Enrages Congress

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are furious over the U.S. Air Force’s decision to buy French-built Airbus air tankers. But Defense Secretary Robert Gates says Congress can’t do much about the deal with EADS-Northrop

Air Force explaining tanker decision to Boeing tomorrow
The Associated Press2008-03-06
WASHINGTON -The Air Force will brief Boeing tomorrow on the decision to spend $35 billion for air tankers using Airbus planes.

Congressman Norm Dicks accuses the Air Force of “bait and switch” by indicating it wanted a tanker the size of Boeing’s 767 then choosing a larger Airbus model

The Air Force says the Airbus-Northrop Grumman plane is the better all-around performer. Defense Secretary Robert Gates stands behind the decision.

The head of Boeing’s Integrated Defense Systems unit, Jim Albaugh, says Boeing offered its 767 because the company thought that plane offered the size and flexibility the Air Force wanted. He says Boeing was discouraged from offering a tanker based on the larger 777.
But he says Boeing will protest the decision only if it thinks there was an “irregularity” in the proposal phase.

This reminds me of that whole taxation without representation that we held a party over. So who does the citizen call in the Air Force to complain ? Today’s silence on government action is deafening. As long as we are silent they will do whatever they please. Forget representation, mind your own business , shut up and pay.

Land of the free and home of the brave. I barely recognize you.

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