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Demagoguery deserves a name.

Let's call it Algoreism
The lack of critical journalism today still amazes me. But it is becoming harder to believe that people will no longer allow reasonable debate about theories and conjecture. And the aiding and abetting of it by once respected news investigative sources like Sixty Minutes is even more troubling.

I heard Al Gore was going to be on Sixty Minutes so I wanted to see if he was really going to be asked any tough questions in the interview. It is was premised that there were those who did not agree with his theory of climate change, he basically shrugged them off as people who also believe the moon landing was staged and were “flat earthers”. And now Al Gore has spoken-agree with me or else you will be discredited.

This is the same thing that happens with people who challenge Darwin’s theory with any other theory. Ben Stein is promoting Expelled which is to open April 18th that highlights the anti-intellectualism embraced by the current scientific community with forced acceptance of theories that still remain disputed.
Lynn Wolley writes:

“The earth has a fever! Global warming is unequivocal! The world’s scientists have spoken clearly and with one voice! The discussion is over!”

Such demagoguery deserves a name. Let’s call it “Algoreism” after the High Priest of climate change and Nobel Prize laureate Al Gore. Gore has made it his life’s work to scare the hell out of the peoples of the world en route to what is rapidly turning into a neo-socialistic global movement.

Algoreism is based first and foremost of the principle of the Big Lie. That is, if you tell a lie often enough, it transmogrifies into truth. The bigger the lie, the better. And to push the lie forward, you make every attempt to cut off reasonable debate.

In the case of Global Warming, Algoreism has led to two rather incredible scenarios. First, we’re seeing the elite proponents of the movement advocating a return to the horse-and-buggy days for the masses – while they, the rich and powerful, continue to live their jet-setting lives through the purchase of carbon credits. This is mind-numbing hypocrisy.”

In no time in my life since high school have I seen such acceptance of principles without questioning. In a era of relativism , where there are no alleged truths, one must swallow theories that can not be proven and can not believe other theories or do more research, because we have reached the conclusion wanted. Has the public school curriculum suppressed critical thought to eliminate questioning educational theory? Isn’t this the exact false charge they placed against Christians?

Well fortunately, there are still those who do not think Al Gore is god or a scientist, but a man with a political agenda who owns

If you’re one of the flat-earth masses, remember that under the principles of Algoreism, you may not challenge any of these statements. The consensus has been reached. The die is cast.

If you’re still subject to independent thought, you may be interested to know that there are some pretty amazing developments in the field of climate change. The BBC reports that global temperatures will dip slightly this year due to the effect of the La Nina current in the Pacific. In fact, says the BBC, if La Nina continues into the summer, as expected, global temperatures will not have not risen since 1998.

Investor’s Business Daily reports on studies from the Danish Meteorological Institute showing that global temperatures closely track solar cycles. These scientists are more concerned that the earth may be cooling. These revelations hearken back to the famous article in TIME Magazine of June 24, 1974 in which the magazine warned that “…weather aberrations…may be the harbinger of another ice age.”

From the Sydney Morning Herald comes a report that one of the world’s foremost scientists in the field of meteorology is calling Al Gore’s theories “ridiculous.” Dr. William Gray told a packed auditorium at the University of North Carolina that humans are not responsible for the warming of the earth. “We’re brainwashing our children,” he said.

And to bust the scientific consensus myth altogether, Lawrence Solomon’s new book “The Deniers” shines the light on many famous scientists who are not in lockstep. We’re talking people like Prof. Hendrik Tennekes, director of research at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, and Dr. Antonino Zichichi, the man who discovered nuclear antimatter.

These are scientists possessed of incredible intellects. And yet, Algoreism holds that they should be treated as pariahs. We already HAVE a consensus; we do not need any more research, studies or opinion. Under Algoreism, the discussion is therefore ended and the time has come to start confiscating anything that contributes to the “reality” of Global Warming.

Say goodbye to your SUV, your pickup, your lawnmower, your gas grill – just about anything that makes life worth living. Prepare for $10 per gallon gasoline – if you can get it at all. In fact, under the tenants of Algoreism, everything will cost more and there will be less of it. But you shouldn’t worry because the earth’s fever will go away and government will take care of you. The government will give you what you need and the old pleasures of life will soon be forgotten.

Now don’t forget, it is yours to sacrifice, not the elites. NO, they have to use energy at higher rates than anyone , because say like in Al Gore’s situation; because he is Al Gore. Oh, and what is in it for big Al? Deborah Barnes reports in The Money and Connections Behind Al Gore’s Carbon Crusade

Gore’s Circle of Business

Al Gore is chairman and founder of a private equity firm called Generation Investment Management (GIM). According to Gore, the London-based firm invests money from institutions and wealthy investors in companies that are going green. “Generation Investment Management, purchases — but isn’t a provider of — carbon dioxide offsets,” said spokesman Richard Campbell in a March 7 report by CNSNews.

GIM appears to have considerable influence over the major carbon-credit trading firms that currently exist: the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) in the U.S. and the Carbon Neutral Company (CNC) in Great Britain. CCX is the only firm in the U.S. that claims to trade carbon credits.

CCX owes its existence in part to the Joyce Foundation, the Chicago-based liberal foundation that provided $347,000 in grant support in 2000 for a preliminary study to test the viability of a market in carbon credits. On the CCX board of directors is the ubiquitous Maurice Strong, a Canadian industrialist and diplomat who, since the 1970s, has helped create an international policy agenda for the environmentalist movement. Strong has described himself as “a socialist in ideology, a capitalist in methodology.” His former job titles include “senior advisor” to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, “senior advisor” to World Bank President James Wolfensohn and board member of the United Nations Foundation, a creation of Ted Turner. The 78-year-old Strong is very close to Gore.

CCX has about 80 members that are self-confessed emitters of greenhouse gases. They have voluntarily committed themselves to reduce their emissions by the year 2010 to a level 6% below their emissions in 2000. CCX members include Ford Motor Company, Amtrak, DuPont, Dow Corning, American Electric Power, International Paper, Motorola, Waste Management and a smattering of other companies, along with the states of Illinois and New Mexico, seven cities and a number of universities. Presumably the members “purchase” carbon offsets on the CCX trading exchange. This means they make contributions to or investments in groups or firms that provide forms of “alternative,” “renewable” and “clean” energy.

CCX also has “participant members” that develop the carbon-offset projects. They have names like Carbon Farmers and Eco-Nomics Incorporated. Still, other participant member groups facilitate, finance and market carbon-offset projects to “sequester, destroy or displace” greenhouse gases. CCX aspires to be the New York Stock Exchange of carbon-emissions trading.

Along with Gore, the co-founder of GIM is Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson. Last September, Goldman Sachs bought 10% of CCX shares for $23 million. CCX owns half the ECX, so Goldman Sachs has a stake there as well.

GIM’s “founding partners” are studded with officials from Goldman Sachs. They include David Blood, former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM); Mark Ferguson, former co-head of GSAM pan-European research; and Peter Harris, who headed GSAM international operations. Another founding partner is Peter Knight, who is the designated president of GIM. He was Sen. Al Gore’s chief of staff from 1977-1989 and the campaign manager of the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign.

Like CCX, the ECX has about 80 member companies, including Barclays, BP, Calyon, Endesa, Fortis, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Shell, and ECX has contracted with the European Union to further develop a futures market in carbon trading. What’s in it for the companies? They will benefit either by investing in carbon credits or by receiving subsidies for doing so.

Front and Center

Clearly, GIM is poised to cash in on carbon trading. The membership of CCX is currently voluntary. But if the day ever comes when federal government regulations require greenhouse-gas emitters — and that’s almost everyone — to participate in cap-and-trade, then those who have created a market for the exchange of carbon credits are in a position to control the outcomes. And that moves Al Gore front and center. As a politician, Gore is all for transparency. But as GIM chairman, Gore has not been forthcoming, according to Forbes magazine. Little is known about his firm’s finances, where it gets funding and what projects it supports.

We do know that Goldman Sachs has commissioned the World Resources Institute (affiliated with CCX), Resources for the Future, and the Woods Hole Research Center to research policy options for U.S. regulation of greenhouse gases. In 2006, Goldman Sachs provided research grants in this area totaling $2.3 million. The firm also has committed $1 billion to carbon-assets projects, a fancy term for projects that generate energy from sources other than oil and gas. In October 2006, Morgan Stanley committed to invest $3 billion in carbon-assets projects. Citigroup entered the emissions-trading market in May, and Bank of America got in on the action in June.

Some environmentalist groups disparage Gore and his investment banker friends. They say the Gore group caters to others who share their financial interest in the carbon-exchange concept. The bulletin of the World Rainforest Movement says that members of a United Nations-sponsored group called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stand to gain by approving Gore’s carbon-trading enterprise. The IPCC has devised what it says is a scientific measure of the impact of greenhouse gases on global warming. In fact, the critics charge, the IPCC sanctions a mechanism that mainly promotes the sham concept of carbon exchange.

The global non-profit organization Winrock International is an example of one IPCC panel member that seeks out groups and individuals with an interest in carbon trading. Arkansas-based Winrock provides worldwide “carbon-advisory services.” Winrock has received government grants from the EPA, USAID and the Departments of Labor, State and Commerce, as well as from the Nature Conservancy (whose chairman used to be Henry Paulson). Winrock argues that cap-and-trade carbon trading is the best way to prevent a climate change crisis. But consider this: When a non-profit group takes money from oil companies and advocates drilling for oil as a solution to energy shortages, it is certain to be attacked as a tool of Big Oil. So far, the groups linked to Al Gore have avoided similar scrutiny.

Then there’s the World Resources Institute (WRI). It was the first nongovernmental group to join CCX as an associate member (a designation for virtuous groups whose greenhouse-gas emissions are negligible). Many of its donors are CCX members or otherwise support carbon exchanges, including the Shell Foundation, Whole Foods Market, the Nature Conservancy, American Forest and Paper Association, and the Pew Center for Climate Change, as well as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Ford Foundation.

Connect the Dots

In June 2006, the World Bank announced that it, too, had joined CCX, saying that it intended to offset its greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing emission credits through CCX. The bank says its credits would contribute to restoring 4,600 hectares of degraded pastureland in Costa Rica. Somehow, CCX has figured out that this is an amount equivalent to 22,000 metric tons of emission that the bank calculates are created by its activities.

A World Bank blog called the Private Sector Development Blog regularly features items touting Al Gore and the concept of carbon credits. Its articles typically announce corporate “green” initiatives in which carbon credits are said to cancel out “bad” CO2 emissions released by a company’s activities.

In fact, the World Bank now operates a Carbon Finance Unit that conducts research on how to develop and trade carbon credits. The bank works with Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain to set up carbon-credit funds in each country to purchase emission credits from firms for use in developing countries. In addition, it runs the Carbon Fund for Europe helping countries meet their Kyoto Protocol requirements. These funds are traded on the ECX (half of which is owned by CCX, itself a creature of Al Gore’s firm, Generation Investment Management). Can we connect the dots?

A website affiliated with An Inconvenient Truth invites concerned citizens to personally fight global warming by offsetting their “carbon footprint.” The ways to do that include changing over to fluorescent light bulbs and turning down your thermostat at home. But the website also urges Americans to offset their personal CO2 emissions by “buying” carbon offsets from a native-American-owned company called Native Energy. Native Energy promotes “renewable” wind energy by buying and selling carbon-emission credits and futures for wind turbine projects on Indian reservations.

What the website doesn’t mention is that that the founder of Native Energy, energy industry veteran Tom Boucher, also founded a marketing company called Green Mountain Energy, a CCX associate partner that describes itself as “the nation’s leading retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon-offset solutions. Green Mountain offers residential, business, institutional and governmental customers an easy way to purchase cleaner, affordable electricity products, as well as the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint.” In other words, Green Mountain sells advisory services to energy users, alerting them to opportunities to contribute to or invest in groups like Native Energy.

So it seems banks and investment houses are going green, eager to enter an emerging emissions market. Meanwhile, environmentalists are discovering new ways to get rich while believing they are saving polar bears and rainforests.

Gore’s Non-profit Agitators

In 2006 Al Gore established his own global-warming non-profit group, the Alliance for Climate Protection, a 501(3)(c) charitable organization. The group favors more stringent environmental policy regulations on the private sector and especially wants cap-and-trade legislation so that companies will be forced to lower their greenhouse gas emissions and buy carbon credits.

The alliance CEO is Cathy Zoi, a former environmental advisor to President Bill Clinton. Gore is chairman of the board, which also includes environmental activist Theodore Roosevelt IV, Clinton EPA Director Carol Browner, the President George H.W. Bush’s National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft and Reagan-era EPA Director Lee Thomas. Gore has reportedly given the alliance $250,000 and has said he will donate his share of the profits from An Inconvenient Truth to the group. “

Hat tip to Steve at Mezzanineview for the following,

“Quite a few people have a hard time getting their brain around Global Warming™. I admit that it took me a time to grasp the facts of it, as opposed to the dribs-and-drabs sound bites we get from an essentially ignorant media. In my darker moments I smell a media conspiracy but that’s another subject altogether.

But this next bit is important. The National Center for Policy Analysis has produced a very simple to understand Global Warming Primer. Go here: [Link]. The primer is based on a review of currently available scientific data.

I suggest that anybody who is even minutely interested in GW to peruse it. It is simple to understand (using graphs and charts) and the facts are unimpeachable. I found pages 5-8 interesting with page 8 being the payoff.

Obviously, this primer was compiled before the recent research that is signaling that we are now entering a cooling period (reduced sun activity) that could end-up being quite cold. More on that later.”

Al Gore says global warming is a planetary emergency. It is difficult to see how this can be so when record low temperatures are being set all over the world. In 2007, hundreds of people died, not from global warming, but from cold weather hazards.

Since the mid-19th century, the mean global temperature has increased by 0.7 degrees Celsius. This slight warming is not unusual, and lies well within the range of natural variation. Carbon dioxide continues to build in the atmosphere, but the mean planetary temperature hasn’t increased significantly for nearly nine years. Antarctica is getting colder. Neither the intensity nor the frequency of hurricanes has increased. The 2007 season was the third-quietest since 1966. In 2006 not a single hurricane made landfall in the U.S.

Creating a market

Insurance is an example of a government mandated forced market. If one drives a car, they must have auto insurance, if one finances a home they must have homeowners insurance. The best way to start a whole new market is for the government to mandate it. And who better than a professional politican who has the connections and knows how the system works?

As Ms Barnes concludes,

“The President is unwilling to call for mandatory nationwide emissions rules and instead favors voluntary carbon-emission cuts in the private sector. This is deeply frustrating to all the brokers, wheeler-dealers and interest groups that want to jump on the cap-and-trade bandwagon. There are billions of dollars to be made in trading emissions credits. But first the federal government must force everyone to play the game.

As for Al Gore, the former Vice President brings emotional fervor to his carbon crusade. He travels the country displaying charts and graphs, quoting scientific experts and appealing to philosophers and religious leaders to save the planet from global warming. But he says nothing about his business partners who yearn to trade on the emerging carbon market. And the media pay no attention to the companies offering “carbon advisory services” that will profit from federal carbon emission controls.”

When in doubt, follow the money. Algoreism…no thank you.

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Good stuff here John! Real good!

Maybe more of us should consider serious, very seriously the words of John Coleman...

Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore for Fraud

"Is he committing financial fraud? That is the question," Coleman said.

"Since we can't get a debate, I thought perhaps if we had a legal challenge and went into a court of law, where it was our scientists and their scientists, and all the legal proceedings with the discovery and all their documents from both sides and scientific testimony from both sides, we could finally get a good solid debate on the issue," Coleman said. "I'm confident that the advocates of 'no significant effect from carbon dioxide' would win the case."