Friday, April 11, 2008


Hat tip to juandos

With all the complaints about the windfall profits that oil companies are making and the recent congressional hearings of the oil companies executives in Washington, we must ask ourselves......

1.Who makes more per gallon of gasoline, the oil companies or the United States government?

2. How much per gallon after expenses (profit) does the oil company profit on average?

3. How much per gallon of gasoline does the US Government charge you?

4. How much revenue does the US Government make on taxing the remaining profits of the oil companies?

5. If the oil company makes 10% profit, PRE-TAX, and is asked to make less profit per gallon to bring the cost of gas down, should the United States Government in an act of good faith reduce their fee on gas per gallon to be no more than the oil company profit OR should we tax the evil oil companies more for their ALLEGED windfall profits ?