Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Now that you watched the video

Has America become a shadow and a type of what she once stood for? We hear in the presidential campaigns the word "democracy" and "rights" and the "constitution", and what the government wants to do for us and wants to do to companys , if only you vote for " ME".

Part 1 Politics/culture

When Barack Obama started his energetic campaign this year and was talking about moving forward and hope and change, I was weighing in the balance what I have discussed with several people privately-have we passed the tipping point? When I heard him describe a post-racial society,it clicked, have we become a post-constitutional society?

Delusional political competition supports a delusional democracy based on a set of delusional checks and balances. The whole system that once worked has become a sham.

The Framers anticipated that their system could become corrupted and they inserted an exit strategy ,what might be called a legal loophole – a kind of escape clause, just in case things went terribly wrong. The public is largely ignorant of Article V’s option for a convention, when asked for by two-thirds of states, to propose amendments to the Constitution. Worse, nearly all people with political power have opposed using it.

Article V explicitly says that Congress “shall” call such a convention when a sufficient number of states have asked for one – and that is the ONLY specified constitutional requirement – for over 200 years Congress has willfully disobeyed the constitution and NOT granted a convention. In fact, Congress never had the integrity and constitutional respect to even set up a system of any kind to collect state requests for an Article V convention. Over 500 state requests have been denied/ignored by Congress to date.

Part 2 Being a Christian in America

What if we changed the title of this film to I am God and you are not? Would it bring about a humble admission that we have acted as our own gods and rebelled against his authority and his Lordship? Or, would it strike up the same resentment?

How many times when we discuss God's attributes do we create a American God instead of the Biblical One? Do you feel it may actually be tougher to grasp the concept of God, His Sovereignity, His Divine rights of the Creator over the created, His Rule, King, Kingdom, Kingdom Authority, being a subject, the power of the King's Word and His commands under an american style of governance?

What say you?


Steve said...

Whatever has happened to us has happened willingly. Say nothing bloviators like Obama are treated like rock stars and he hasn't said a meaningful word.

People are clamoring for "free", government sponsored health care when same systems in every country they are tried are crumbling under their own weight. When our government can't even run a proper election who in their right mind would think that they can run nationwide health care in any responsible way? But they'll gladly turn their lives over to a DC buraucrat cares nothing about them or thier family. Look at schooling. Inner city families are screaming for vouchers or charter schools. Anything to break the poverty cycle knowing that a good deucation is the way out. But the very people who prevent them from picking a school of their choice, the uber rich Ted Kenndeys and Nancy Pelosis of our ruling class, get re-elected time and time again. I can't get my mind around the insanity of it all.

When some stranger in a suit knocks on your door and says: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help.", best run the other way as quickly as you can.

John said...

We have done to ourselves what no one could do to us.

It takes a strong people to be free,.
What can I say?