Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Change you can believe in

The Democratic leadership is beginning to define "change" and what they hope Amerika will look like if they take power.

So what does change look like? Well for starters Marxist Christopher Dodd believes the government should regulate the profits businesses make. Listen to Senator Chris Dodd, a former candidate for POTUS: Government Can Mandate What Profit is ‘Fair’ for Business

The word for the day is SELL & DIVEST in American regulated firms! Dodd believes it is both the governments right and its responsibility to make sure businesses dont make enough money to make you want to invest in them!

When asked if he thought all businesses needed to be regulated, Senator Dodd said, "In fact it’s been done that way in the past and particularly when you’re trying to get some relief for people out here when the economy is in a tailspin. We’re about to go into a recession here. This is really causing a tremendous dislocation, not only here, but around the world."

The economy is in a tailspin after American have had their earnings devalued 80.00 a week per worker due to the raise in minimum wage and now employers are not hiring people at 7.50 an hour they would have at 5.50 an hour because a 7.50 a hour employee cost 10.00 an hour to employ with all the ancillary costs. Many younger workers are going to be unemployed as a result of Congress madating what wages must be paid. Congress can't run itself, has stolen our pensions, and now wants to tell business how to operate? These guys need sent home, all of them!

Time for a tea party.


juandos said...

Isn't amazing that Dodd has no sense of shame when he blathers the crapola that he does?

What kind of fools continously elect a marxist moron to the Senate?

The fact is that there way to much government control of the total economy now and way to much regulation...

A quick perusal of this site: Grandfather Economic Report will show even children what is wrong with are alledgedly capitalist, free market environment today in the US of A...

Let me give an example from the part of the web site titled, "Government Regulatory
Compliance Cost Report
- summary page -

Government is costing us more than the taxes we see,
because it's difficult to see the extra cost of complying with government regulations.

Complying with government regulations consumes $1.4 Trillion
($1,028 billion federal mandates, $343 billion state & local government mandates)
- 14.9% of the economy - $4,680 per man, woman and child -

- adding this regulation cost to $13,568 government spending per person
equates to $18,248 per person of government impact -

AND - compliance costs small business more per employee than big business -

AND - this does not count compliance cost impacts of the Patriot Act and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations

- federal expenditures on regulatory activity increased 2.7 times faster than economic growth since 1960 -
- at 14% per year compounded -

If this doesn't scare a person into voting for a real democratic politician that believes in free market capitalism, then nothing will...

What people have to remember is this oversite and regulation is just another tax AFTER a person has already paid his/her local, state, and federal income taxes plus fees and so forth...

The cost of this oversite is reflected in the INCREASED costs of goods and services...

John said...

we dont even know the enemy when they stare us in our face. \

Thank the NEA and apathetic voters.