Thursday, June 5, 2008

So much for free speech and diversity

Minnesota Teens Barred From Graduation for Displaying Confederate Flags on Pick-Ups

"I'm just a country type of person, country music, big trucks and everything, that's basically all it means to me."

A foretaste of an Obamanation?


juandos said...

Well now, isn't that interesting?!?!

I guess the hypocritical LIBTARDS can't deal with multiculturalism unless its their brand of multiculturalism...

Consider the following from the online version of Human Events: The 'Fairness Doctrine' and Multiculturalism’s Monoculture

Liberals are chafing at the bit, waiting for regime change in Washington to give them the ability to reinstate the “fairness doctrine;” a regulation which requires talk radio stations to devote equal programming hours to both liberal and conservative formats. All it would take is a Democrat president and a couple of appointments to the Federal Communications Commission to accomplish it.

Of course the use of the word “fairness” in relation to this “doctrine” is an awful abuse of our language. Commercial radio markets, like all other free enterprise markets, are already inherently fair. They operate on profits generated from satisfied customers rather than some bureaucrat’s idea of what’s fair. This means talk radio programs are only viable as long as they can draw a listening audience large enough to attract the biggest advertisers and therefore the most lucrative profits. This is why conservative talk radio -- and religious talk radio -- succeed and liberal talk radio fails. Face it, folks: liberals are boring. (there is more)

John said...

I took apart a guy lecturing on free market economics bashing wal-mart

He couldnt even answer this laymans direct linear logic assessment of his non-argument. That is a pity.