Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The perfect democratic storm..well almost

Pundits are deep in speculation on why the democrats are not riding the tide on to a easy electoral win in November when the conditions for the 'perfect democratic storm' were all in line.

Democrats had an explanation in line for getting problems out in the open early to explain them away and get past them. They actually had a great game plan. They had an answer for everything including (the short list)

Jeremiah Wright
Bill Ayers
lack of experience
not holding core american values
being a liberal Christian
support for late term abortions
Hillary Clintons people
recreate 68
convention fight
dirty politics
Michelle Obama's writings
Edward's coddling by the MSM
MSM love affair with O
failure to pull away in the polls
Obama fatigue

Yes, everything was thought of. Or was it? What could possibly ruin the perfect democratic storm? Certainly nothing a teleprompted speech and a trip couldn't make go away! Or was there something that hadn't been prepared for? Something like.....

Vladmir Putin and the Russian invasion of Georgia. Russia is reemerging as a superpower with Vladmir Putin at the helm. How he would love to have Obama's dream of a nuclear weapon free world lead the United States into a unilateral leadership of nuclear disarmorment while they have been steadily building their military up.

Nothing to wake people up from their nirvanic trance and snap them back to reality than watching Russia invade former soviet bloc countries that has the BTC pipeline running through it. It is reality check time and perhaps the undoing of the perfect democratic storm.

In the end it is not going to be those darn right-wingers that bring Obama down, it will be the world who is the downfall of the citizen of the world for just not living in the realities of the world. The Russians in the end may very well be the undoing of the perfect democratic that almost was. How much more poetic could justice be?