Thursday, September 11, 2008

The day the world shrank

The phone rang and my wife sounded startled. "Did you hear the news this morning?". I said no, I was doing my accounts receivable and then headed to the bank. She said, "Go turn on the TV and see what is going on." I turned on the TV to witness the rest of the carnage unfold that day and through the night .

Sitting there, going through a full range of emotions, yet trying to think clearly about what I was seeing, I realized the oceans had gotten smaller and the world shrank for us on 9/11. The idea of America being attacked at her very symbol of welcome to others brought a new sense of reality about the world we live in today.

I also drew a parallel about how we all have our 9/11's when we drop our guard against attacks from the enemy and how we are commanded in Ephesians 6 to be prepared at all times. I learned at a very young age it is a mistake to underestimate your enemy, because that is when you are caught off guard. When we try to live the Christian life depending on our own resolve and our own power instead of relying on Jesus Christ we are at risk of attack.

So as we reflect back on 9/11, let us not only remember the event and pray for the families of those left behind, but also be resolute not to allow ourselves to ever forget that He is our hope and our strength. Let us also realize that our faith or our strength does not shield us from attack, but keeps us prepared and able to withstand those attacks. Never forget.

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