Friday, September 12, 2008

Vote for the vet and the mommy - not the plagiarist and the commie

Now that got your attention!

This campaign has highlighted the smoke and mirrors of politcal reporting more than any I can ever remember. You almost understood to some extent, the media helping out John Kerry because he was kind of like the democratic version of Bob Dole. Just plain boring and so nuanced that he was enough to annoy the pope. Oh thats right, he actually did annoy the pope! In 2004 we saw Dan Rather allow his career to end with a asterick when he realized there are limits to how far you can go in defrauding the public. I mean, John Kerry had big hurdles to clear with the Winter Soldier antics he pulled after he got back from Nam. That, not Swiftboats, sunk his ship. Plus, did I mention he is just a boring old cad, who we eventually found out had worse grades in school than President Bush. I thought you had to have good grades to get into the intellectual snobbery club. Oh, thats right. Al Gore wasnt exactly a scholar either was he? Just pretended to be and the media provided the props!

Anyway, here was an excellent piece by J B Willaims in the Canadian Free Press. When I first read it I thought he had been reading my blog! LOL.

Palin Properly Frames the Debate Elitism vs. Americanism

As a small town hockey mom turned political ethics crusader in the biggest state of the union, Sarah Palin stepped to the RNC Convention podium last night an hit it out of the park. Even the left-wing press was punched back on its heels by the home run début performance of the “pit bull in lipstick” they knew little about, but had already written off as in way over her head.

Immediately following her speech, former Clinton campaign manager Howard Wolfson said, “Now democrats have something to worry about!” He’s right for a change…

The clock is ticking on Obama’s fifteen minutes of manufactured fame and it’s a little fire-breathing hockey mom from the frozen tundra who is likely to snuff out his political ambitions in short order.

Palin’s speech was much more than an international introduction to McCain’s surprise running mate. The speech properly framed the debate of the 2008 election.

Palin didn’t just launch a full scale frontal attack on the Obama-Biden ticket; she had stolen the right to frame the entire debate from the left-wing press who had been framing election debates for far too long. Yes, the Obama camp is in trouble against the McCain – Palin ticket. But so is the lamestream press who has been carrying their water up to this point.

The left-wing press attack dogs started attacking Friday morning and they worked around the clock through the holiday weekend, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Palin and her family in an effort to run her off or at a minimum, make her shaky by her Wednesday night début.

None of it worked… She was not the least shaken and Republicans from all factions of the big tent came running to her defense. The left-wing press had stepped into the land mine set for them by McCain. The Obama-press took aim at Palin, but the moose hunting barracuda quickly turned the public sights on the left-wing press and their left-wing ticket. In the end, the press did something McCain himself had not been able to do… They united the Republican Party.

The standard leftist character assassination strategy had finally backfired and by Thursday morning, even Democrats and some members of the press itself were swooning over Sarah Palin.

A New Conservative Movement is Born
After months on the campaign trail without bringing his party base back into the fold, McCain was convinced that he had to choose a running mate to his ideological right if we wanted his party to support his run for the White House.

Moving outside of the Washington Elitist Network was a stroke of genius. Finding Sarah Palin was a gift from above! People don’t only see her as a great pick for VP, helping to move McCain back to the ideological foundation of the Republican Party; they already see her as potentially a great first female president.

A new age of conservatism has been born. Not really in the starchy tradition of old, but more in the new direction of plain good old fashioned fundamental Americanism. God, Country, Family, good ethical governance, individual freedom and liberty with responsibility. These are wholly American concepts, not just Republican ideals.

Palin Sets the Pace
Unlike the elitists who have never served in uniform but tell voters how much they know about securing a nation or winning a war, McCain has spent a lifetime on the front lines and Palin is Commander-in-Chief of her states National Guard, and mother of a soldier…


I’m just one of many moms who will say an extra prayer each night for our sons and daughters going into harm’s way. Our son Track is 19, and one week from tomorrow, September 11th, he’ll deploy to Iraq with the Army infantry in the service of his country. My nephew Casey (sp) also enlisted and serves on a carrier in the Persian Gulf. My family is so proud of both of them, and of all the fine men and women serving the country in uniform.

Those who mistakenly think NYC and LA represent average American life and Middle American attitudes just met someone from Middle American values in Sarah Palin.

“You know, from the inside, no family ever seems typical, and that’s how it is with us. Our family has the same ups and downs as any other, the same challenges and the same joys, sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge.”

“Todd (husband) is a story all by himself. He’s a lifelong commercial fisherman and a production operator in the oil fields of Alaska’s North Slope, and a proud member of the Untied Steelworkers Union.”

“My mom and dad both worked at the elementary school in our small town, and among the many things I owe them is a simple lesson that I’ve learned: that this is America, and every woman can walk through every door of opportunity.”

Unlike the limousine liberals she is running against, Palin is very much the average American. You don’t have to ask if she can identify with average voters, she is an average voter.

However, like her running mate John McCain, she is an average American who has chosen to do extraordinary things with her life.

The REAL Debate
“Americans expect us to go to Washington for the right reason, and not just to mingle with the right people. Politics isn’t just a game of clashing parties and competing interests.”

Exactly… The average American is fed up with inside the beltway corruption and partisan backstabbing.

“Now, I’ve noticed a pattern with our opponent, and maybe you have too. We’ve all heard his dramatic speeches before devoted followers, and there is much to like and admire about our opponent. But listening to him speak, it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in the state senate.”

“In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change.”

This Palin statement is the central point of the debate between the anti-American left and the American right.

Politicians have to allow that even the most anti-American socialist flag-burner is still an American. But I’m not running for office, so I am free to state the truth that there is nothing American about the Democratic Socialism being crammed down the throats of those who seek self-interest and another trip to the public trough and those expected to pick up the tab.

Obama – Biden represent more of the same old “pick-pocket politics” of the past. McCain – Palin represent the concept of individual freedom and liberty as designed by our nation’s founders. That’s the primary difference between the two tickets. One is American, the other wholly anti-American.

After leftists have spent years biting the hands that feed them, attacking productive Americans as if their personal productivity was some kind of assault upon the less productive, it’s high time someone slapped them away from the trough and taught them some manners.

“Among politicians, there is the idealism of high- flown speechmaking in which crowds are stirringly summoned to support great things, and then there is the idealism of those leaders, like John McCain, who actually do great things.”

Nobody in America has personally sacrificed more than John McCain to earn the right to become Commander-in-Chief. That alone is not enough to make him Commander-in-Chief, however.

The people really do want change. They want government REFORM! But they can only get it from leaders who have a record of forcing change. They won’t ever get change from “leaders” who have never “led” anything.

They won’t get change from a chief executive who has never done anything in the past, and couldn’t even decide YES or NO on 130 congressional votes. It wasn’t a multiple choice question. He could have closed his eyes and guessed. He would have had a 50/50 chance of being right had he just had the courage to answer the question.

In a decision by committee body like congress, one can hide from the responsibility to make tough choices. But there is no place to hide in the Oval Office! Good or bad, right or wrong, a decision must be made. Obama has proven repeatedly throughout his career, that he lacks the courage to take a stand on tough choices.

Reform will only come from proven Reformers
Leadership is not just about making the right decisions. It’s about having the backbone to make the decision, then commit to that decision and make it right. Obama has no such backbone and his record demonstrates that beyond debate. His choice of Joe Biden as a VP running mate demonstrates this reality.

No guts, no glory for Obama! The candidate of “change” chose a tired old corrupt backstabbing DC partisan to prop up his otherwise blank résumé for office. When faced with a chance to choose courageous change, he instead defaulted backwards to something he saw as “safe.”

Sarah Palin and John McCain have made tough choice after tough choice throughout their careers and learned how to stick when the going gets even tougher.

Democrats are in Trouble
Palin has defined the debate. She has pushed Obama and Biden into the corner they built for themselves and in the course of doing that, she has given the left-wing press enough rope to hang themselves…

Those Americans who never fail to cast their vote on the basis of free gifts from the public trough would vote for Ronald McDonald if they had to and they will vote for Obama no matter what.

But the rest of America just got a close up look at what a real pro-American leader looks like. Obama is thanking his lucky stars that Joe Biden will have to face Palin in the debates.

Once Obama and Biden finished cleaning out their britches last night, they fired up the attack machine. But it won’t work this time around.

The real differences between the anti-American left represented by Obama-Biden and the pro-American right represented by two obvious members of the no-nonsense average American community is nothing short of astounding.

Even the left-wing press is in trouble this time around… It’s fast becoming obvious that without the full support of the leftist press, Obama would not even be in this race. He is a manufactured media creation and the press is scrambling to prop him up until November.

Change is a comin’! and not a moment too soon!

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UliPele said...

Wow. I'm amazed by the irony in this post. Was it all tongue in cheeck? Really?

Seriously -- McCain is an elitist who is f-f-f-fooolin' you! All his top aids and campaign organizers are the sleaziest lobbyists on capitol hill (who even lobby from McCain's campaign bus). Palin is under SERIOUS ehtics investigaion (watch the local Alaska news coverage on youtube. They have Parlin and her staff on tape lying and then changing their story. OOPS!

If you want WWIII, then vote for McCain and Palin.