Thursday, January 22, 2009

Discrimination the new administrations stated policy

"I have nothing against white male construction workers."


1 said...

Stupid, racist bastard Reich...

He's suppose to be an economist but can't figure out why certain people are perennially unemployed...

They are useless, skilless parasites who's only contribution to a job site would be to either stand around and waste oxygen or steal something...

I wonder if Reich is smart enough to understand this economist's commentary?

Whose Money Is It, Anyway?

Monday, January 19, 2009

By John R. Lott

Barack Obama claims that the House of Representatives’ new stimulus plan is needed to save the economy. Democrats promise to be “creating or saving of four million jobs.” News media report in all seriousness: “The democrats vow no earmarks or special projects will be attached to the bill. The focus is on jobs.” Also "more than 90 percent of the jobs created are likely to be in the private sector."

Unfortunately, though, the $825 billion “stimulus” package has nothing to do with creating or saving jobs -- it has everything to do with moving jobs from industries that Democrats don’t like to industries that they do.

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John said...

Love your icon Juandos!

To think that this guy is on staff at the UC Berkeley Public POlicy Center is amazing.